How to Boost Real Estate Business Using Digital Marketing

Bonamoh Technologies is pleased to offer this blog post on 5 ways to support realtors in achieving their goal for improving customer satisfaction by providing strategies and techniques in Digital Marketing.

There has been a lot of talks lately about how technology is going to revolutionize the world. The things around us are changing at a pace faster than any of us could have once imagined, and a major chunk of that is thanks to how technology is empowering businesses and individuals alike.

As a realtor, you may have experienced a major shift in the last ten years, especially with the scourge of the pandemic COVID19 that has shaken the business world generally. Clients are beginning to buy houses in a different way, often beginning with online market research and a clear vision of precisely what they want out of their future home.

For best-in-class realtors, digital marketing has come to the forefront of their marketing efforts. From generating new leads to completing successful sales, the real estate industry is now reliant on digital marketing.

A recently conducted survey suggests that 92% of all home buyers today use the internet at some point to search for a home. Also, we have seen this number increase for home buyers in the FCT Abuja, Port-Harcourt and Lagos. The latest trends show that it is crucial for real estate organizations today to have an online presence. Which brings us to an important question: “What role does Digital Marketing play in real estate?”

The answer lies in the ease with which a company provides its customers with what they need, marking how well they would be perceived in the long run.

If we look at the real estate market today, most of the primary searches for property dealers and the properties themselves begin online. This brings us to the next question: What strategies can real estate businesses follow to boost their presence online? And how can businesses take advantage of these strategies? To begin with, let’s start with the basic fundamentals:

1. Write quality content for your website

Content is crucial, they say; and “they” are 100% correct. Planning and creating posts and pages take time. This is a crucial aspect of your marketing plan, whether you are a seasoned agent or a first-timer.

2. Being mobile-friendly is important

A real estate website is an amazing tool that allows clients to easily access listings from any computer. But, with the advent of mobile devices more and more people are viewing websites from these much smaller “computers.” This means that having a mobile friendly site is critical to attracting new clients as well as keeping your current ones happy.

Visitors trying to access your site from a smart phone will just as quickly leave your site if they can find a more user-friendly alternative.

3. Target ALL Search Engines

Why restrict yourself to one when you can have many? Google, although one of the most popular search engines out there, isn’t the only one. Make your website searchable on Bing and Yahoo, too.

4. Host Virtual Tours

Virtual tours of a home are incredible pieces of content in a successful digital marketing strategy. Not only do these tours share video content – which generates revenue 49% faster for marketers than non-video users – but a potential client can get an idea of what a home really has to offer them.

Purchasing a home can be difficult, and as a real estate expert, your job is to make the home buying journey as easy as possible for your clients. Andrew J Carr shared some of the more critical qualities realtors should try to include in successful virtual tours, such as:

  • Using real footage of the home, as compared to digital illustrations
  • Ensuring the video of the tour is interactive and responsive across all viewing methods (mobile and desktop)
  • Making the virtual tour 3D and user-friendly

5. The power of inbound marketing and mailing lists

Using creative media sources, such as blog posts, Social Media Marketing (SMM), sharing videos, etc. is a great way for companies to engage with their audiences. Gone are the days when giving out pamphlets to customers was the only way to sell for your business. It’s inexpensive and helps your real estate look brighter, shinier, and much more worthy of the buyer’s time and money.

Mailing Lists, although an older method of reaching out to customers, is still popular amongst businesses even today!

Another major way to gain online traction is ANALYTICS. Google Analytics is an extremely simple and powerful tool used by website owners and app developers to get information and stats on who’s visiting their websites, providing a great way to track your website traffic and better understand your audience. And if done right, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can prove to be an effective way of getting more leads to your website.

With these tricks and tips, you’ll be able to boost your Real Estate Business and increase growth through the powers of digital marketing.


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